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Forbidden Apples

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is not God’s way. We learn this from Genesis. We learn it as we observe naked Eve and Adam wandering about blissfully in God’s garden of Eden. In that self-same garden … Continue reading

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Can You Be More Wrong Than This?

At the end of the year 1858, the president of the Linnean Society of London—the preeminent scientific society in England at the time—summed up the year in science as follows: 1858 has not, indeed, been marked by any of those … Continue reading

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Satanism Identified

Lucifer’s original sin was wanting to be equal to God. And the greatest temptation humans face is the same: wanting to be equal to God. What is the desire for immortality but exactly this? According to Christians, God gave us a … Continue reading

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