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Title page of Wikisource:en:The suppressed Gos...

Title page of Wikisource:en:The suppressed Gospels and Epistles of the original New Testament of Jesus the Christ, a text over 100 years old (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lucifer’s original sin was wanting to be equal to God. And the greatest temptation humans face is the same: wanting to be equal to God. What is the desire for immortality but exactly this?

According to Christians, God gave us a choice. In the Garden of Eden, Christians like to point out, we disobeyed God and ate of the tree of knowledge. We did so because the serpent tempted us with the idea that we could become like gods.

And what, according to Genesis, was the result? It was that God became alarmed. He feared that we really would become like gods, so He kicked us out of the Garden. Most importantly, God put up guards (Cheribim with a flaming sword) to keep us away from the Tree of Life—which had we eaten of it would have given us eternal life in Heaven, would have made us really, truly like gods.

So, if you are someone who takes the Bible seriously, if you believe the Garden of Eden story in Genesis is true (either literally or figuratively), then intellectual honesty compels you to admit that God does not want us to obtain eternal life. If you are honest, you will admit this.

But the “New” Testament, which got tacked onto the Old Testament by Christians centuries later, is all about promising us eternal life in Heaven. In other words, Christianity promises what God forbade!

You will note that the words “Jesus” and “Christ” appear nowhere in the Old Testament. If Jesus was to be part of God’s word, why not mention the name there? Why didn’t God say, “There’ll be another Testament coming later on about my son Jesus Christ”?

He didn’t. It’s not there.

So the honest conclusion is that God knew nothing about Jesus Christ when He wrote the Original Testament. Why not? Isn’t God perfect? Does God not know the future?

No, the reason is simple: God had nothing to do with the New Testament.

And why would we expect otherwise? The New Testament tells us how we can eat from the tree of Eternal life and so live forever, something which is anathema to the original word of God.

English: Icon of Jesus Christ

English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)al Life, which goes directly against God’s word in Genesis.

So, if you’re following what I’m saying, you’ll see that in Genesis it is the serpent who falsely promises us that we can have the knowledge of the gods, and in Genesis it is God Himself who prevents us from obtaining eternal life. But in Christianity, with its pretended “New” Testament, we find Jesus Christ—like the serpent of Eden—promising us once again that we can “be as gods,” that we can eat fruit which God has denied.

Have I made it plain enough? Christianity is the devil’s religion. It is a religion in open rebellion against the wishes of God.

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