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Love Story

Carl & I spent many Mays roaming hills on sunny days fighting pirates, routing thieves building castles, climbing trees right though to the breezy fall when leaves became our rampart wall. Mid-summer of our sixteenth year all changed, another sex … Continue reading

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Carol’s Death

I’ve known a lot of death in my life. I’ve lost a brother and a newborn son, grandmothers, grandfathers, a stepfather, two best friends. The influence of death on me began when I was a teenager. My 9th grade teacher, … Continue reading

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Are You a Sinner?

Christians talk a lot about Sin. They say we are all Sinners. Sin was the moon god, worshipped 2000 years BC . In the the ancient city Ur of the Chaldees (located on the Euphrates near its point of entry … Continue reading

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Summer Love

Now winter’s come I like to hum and sometimes sing a tune To bring to me memories of times we had last June When I gave you some summer love beneath the night’s white moon Recall we were beside the … Continue reading

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Drop of Summer

Tonight the wolf moon stares across the night and howls its low & mournful, mid-winter howl. Darkness, and winter still, and a moon-howl of cold still on its way. But the afternoon! The slow, unwinter-like hours of sun-flakes wafting down. … Continue reading

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4 Poems on Nudity

Dirty Eyes Public nudity is illegal in the national forest for the forest has no eyes but dirty men do and dirty men run the world, run it dirtily and when dirty men get naked it is only to put … Continue reading

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